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Friday, February 26, 2010

20 Healthiest Housing Markets in 2010

Here's a great, and positive, article from the Builder Magazine website titled, "The 20 Healthiest Housing Markets for 2010" (click the title...it's a link).  Several of the top 20 are close to home either in proximity or because they are traditionally areas that a lot of our buyer, seller, and vacation traffic comes from.  For example the Raleigh/Durham/Triangle Area is traditionally the leading area for where Topsail Island's real estate buyers come from.  Knowing that this area will be one of the first housing markets to recover due to stable housing prices, progressive employment, and growing populations is great news for Topsail.  Other areas mentioned in the article include Wilmington, North Carolina, Myrtle Beach, Washington DC/Arlington, and Charlotte.



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